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Cyan's Blue Planet Gravity Reaches Juniper, Cisco

Rob Powell, Telecom Ramblings, October 8, 2014

In the rapidly changing world of network operator SDN, broad support across the vendors whose gear powers complex hetereogeneous networks is a key goal. Today, Cyan’s Blue Planet revealed an important step in that direction by adding support for two of the most important of those vendors: Cisco and Juniper.

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Cisco, Juniper routers now orbit Cyan's Blue Planet SDN platform

Stephen Hardy, Lightwave, October 8, 2014

Optical transport and software-defined networking (SDN) platform Cyan (NYSE:CYNI) says it has developed element adapters that enable its Blue Planet SDN platform to automate, manage, inventory, and provision Ethernet services across a range of Cisco and Juniper Networks routers. The development of the element adapters underscores Blue Planet’s multi-layer capabilities and likely will increase the attractiveness of the platform, given the ubiquity of the Cisco and Juniper routers in the field.

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Cyan SDN Platform Brings Cisco, Juniper Gear into the Fold

Paula Bernier, SDN Zone, October 8, 2014

Cyan recently built a template and modeling technique so it can quickly and easily build new element adapters for Blue Planet, and now it’s leveraging that to enable the software-defined networking solution to support gear from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks.

That gear includes the Cisco ASR 901, ASR 903, ASR 9000 and ME 3600 platforms, as well as the Juniper MX960, MX480, and MX2010 platforms.

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Cisco, Juniper Land on Cyan's Blue Planet

Carol Wilson, LightReading, October 8, 2014

Cyan today announced that its Blue Planet SDN orchestration system will now support the most widely used Cisco and Juniper routers, giving service providers a single third-party way to automate the process of delivering Ethernet services across networks built on those routers.

It's a strong move for Cyan Inc. in its efforts to build momentum around Blue Planet as a carrier-grade multi-vendor, multi-layer SDN and NFV orchestration system for the future needs of service providers. The company has been building an ecosystem of other vendors' gear around Blue Planet, known as Blue Orbit, which can automate the management of that gear, and orchestrate end-to-end services throughout their lifecycle. Adding the two most common router platforms to that mix is a major step forward.

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Cyan's Multivendor SDN Now Includes Cisco & Juniper

Craig Matsumoto, SDN Central, October 8, 2014

The Cyan SDN story has included multivendor orchestration for some time, but its cachet has been diluted by the fact that Cisco and Juniper weren’t part of the mix.

That’s changing today, as Cyan is announcing its Blue Planet WAN orchestration will work with some members of the Cisco ASR and Juniper MX lines of routers. Support is due to be added by the end of the fourth quarter.

There’s some hope around the industry that software-defined networking (SDN) will make it easier to operate multivendor networks, and Cyan’s orchestration is one among many platforms that will be making the multivendor claim. So, being able to provision and manage the Cisco and Juniper parts of a network, even just a little bit, seems like a crucial step toward raising Cyan’s profile.

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Cyan stripes SDN element adapters across Cisco and Juniper platforms

Ian Scales, Telecom TV, October 8, 2014

To this end Cyan has just announced that it’s built Blue Planet (its SDN/NFV platform) adapters for Cisco ASR and Juniper MX switch/routers. As these routers form the basis of most of the world’s big packet networks it can probably be counted a good step forward for Cyan, since it will allow many of Cyan’s customers to use Blue Planet to “automate, manage, inventory and provision” layer 2 Ethernet services across their networks. Note that the capability works at layer 2 only at this stage (setting up switched Ethernet circuits) but that layer 3 (IP routing) capabilities will be added, Cyan tells me.

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OIF, ONF reveal vendor participants in SDN interoperability demo

Stephen Hardy, Lightwave, September 17, 2014

"We have been following these developments, but optical is just one layer in the network," he added in describing his view of the OIF/ONF demo. "Cyan is devoted to multi-layer network automation and software control using standards-based interfaces as that’s how service providers tell us they want to operate their networks."

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OIF, ONF List Vendors in Transport SDN Demo

Dan O'Shea, LightReading, September 17, 2014

Cyan, for its part, says the reason it didn't attend is that it's busy doing business. Joe Cumello, chief marketing officer at Cyan, wrote in an email to Light Reading, "At the end of the day, it comes down to resources. We’re highly focused right now on customer trials and engagements. That said, we have been following these developments," adding further, "because [Cyan's] Blue Planet is an open controller, there’s no reason it could not or would not interact with other standards-based controllers if/when required. So we welcome this effort, and would incorporate it if customers asked."

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Cyan Punches Up Its Packet Optical Pitch

Dan O'Shea, LightReading, September 9, 2014

Cyan has added some new features to its Z-Series packet optical-platform, along with four new APIs for its Blue Planet SDN offering, enhancements that come as the metro packet optical market seems poised to explode.

Cyan Inc. has added new Carrier Ethernet 2.0 capabilities, such as the ability to perform hitless software upgrades and traffic policing and shaping, to the Z-Series platform, as well as support for a new 100G DWDM coherent CFP. The vendor also added support for MPLS-TP connection-oriented Ethernet.

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Cyan upgrades Z-Series platforms, adds SDN APIs to Blue Planet

Stephen Hardy, Lightwave, September 9, 2014

Cyan (NYSE: CYNI) has announced a series of enhancements for its Z-Series packet-optical transport platforms (P-OTPs) primarily aimed at strengthening their metro and Carrier Ethernet 2.0 capabilities. It also has unveiled new application programmable interfaces (APIs) for its Blue Planet software-defined networking (SDN) platform, including one designed specifically for enabling optical services.

On the hardware side, the Z-Series systems now support MPLS-TP, a capability that Cyan Chief Marketing Officer Joe Cumello told Lightwave was added in response to demand from customers in Asia (particularly China) and the Europe/Middle East/Africa region. The MPLS-TP support complements the Z-Series’ existing PBB-TE capabilities to provide carriers with greater flexibility in support of connection-oriented Ethernet, added Abel Tong, director of solutions marketing at Cyan.

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Quick Takes: ScienceLogic and Cyan Announce New Products

Andrew Conry Murray, InformationWeek, June 20, 2014

Cyan announces Planet Orchestrate, a new application in its Blue Planet platform of SDN and NFV software packages for carriers and service providers.

The new application ties together cloud data center orchestration, NFV, and WAN orchestration. The goal is to make it easier for carriers not just to provision services for customers such as Ethernet connections between offices, but to also spin up IaaS- or PaaS-type services in their own data centers.

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The industry is preparing for the coexistence of SDN / NFV and physical networks operators

Rafael A. Junquera, TeleSemana, June 19, 2014

The arrival of SDN and NFV is a revolution in the development of telecommunications networks. Both, however, must coexist with existing networks and, therefore, some kind of solution that enables manage-or as he calls orchestrate industry-physical infrastructure with the new software-based virtualized required. And in recent weeks, the ads have continued to succeed in this regard, with several companies announcing new areas strategies and products to offer operators a clear migration path to SDN and NFV networks but do not lose sight networks physical and functions not be virtualized.

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Cyan’s Planet Orchestrate Integrates Cloud, NFV and WAN

John Rath, Data Center Knowledge, June 19, 2014

Cyan announced Planet Orchestrate, a multi-vendor and multi-domain, network function virtualization and Cloud orchestration application for its Blue Planet software defined network platform. The new application combines WAN service creation and automation with the orchestration of virtual resources, creating a software-defined engine for revenue generation in carrier networks.

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Cyan Extends Blue Planet into NFV Orchestration

Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral, June 17, 2014

Cyan is extending its Blue Planet orchestration software to cover virtual functions, reaching an arm into the world of network functions virtualization (NFV).

Planet Orchestrate, being announced today, is based on technology developed in proof-of-concept trials with carriers during the past year. It’s being unveiled in Chicago at Light Reading‘s inaugural Big Telecom Event.

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Cyan Intros Planet Orchestrate Application for Cloud and NFV Services

Editor, Converge! Network Digest, June 17, 2014

Cyan introduced its Planet Orchestrate, a multi-vendor and multi-domain, NFV and Cloud orchestration application for its Blue Planet SDN platform. The application combines the power of WAN service creation and automation with the orchestration of virtual resources. The goal is to help network operators quickly introduce, automate, and operationalize new virtualized services between data centers, on top of existing network services, and across the WAN.

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Cyan Software Manages Virtual, Physical Network Resources

Jeffrey Burt, eWeek, June 17, 2014

Cyan is adding a new application for its software-defined networking platform designed to help service providers more quickly spin out services from both their physical and virtual networks. - See more at:

Company officials on June 17 unveiled Planet Orchestrate, software for its Blue Planet carrier-grade SDN platform that brings together wide-area network (WAN) automation and management and SDN orchestration capabilities to create an environment that enables carriers to reduce the time and costs associated with creating services to deliver to their customers. - See more at:

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Cloud services, NFV, WAN orchestration target of Cyan's Planet Orchestrate

Author Stephen Hardy, Lightwave, June 17, 2014

Cyan (NYSE: CYNI) has extended its Blue Planet software defined networking (SDN) suite with Planet Orchestrate. As its name implies, Planet Orchestrate is an orchestration engine for cloud, network functions virtualization (NFV), and wide-area network (WAN) resources in multi-vendor, multi-domain applications.

Planet Orchestrate is the first SDN application to integrate WAN automation and management (capabilities already within Blue Planet’s domain as part of its Planet Operate application) with NFV and cloud orchestration, according to Cyan Chief Marketing Officer Joe Cumello. Based on the ETSI NFV ISG Management and Orchestration framework, Planet Orchestrate enables both WAN service creation and automation as well as orchestration of virtual resources in cloud environments, he said. Service provider can therefore create and manage services using both physical and virtual resources with the same “pane of glass,” as Cumello put it.

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Cyan unveils Planet Orchestrate NFV and cloud application

Editor, Telecompaper, June 17, 2014

Provider of SDN, NFV and packet-optical services, Cyan has introduced Planet Orchestrate, a multi-vendor and multi-domain, NFV and cloud orchestration application for Cyan's Blue Planet, the industry's first carrier-grade SDN platform for network operators and the WAN.

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Cyan Debuts Planet Orchestrate to Manage Physical & Virtual Network Resources

Mitch Wagner, Light Reading, June 17, 2014

Cyan on Tuesday introduced Planet Orchestrate, software designed to allow service providers to manage both physical and virtual network resources.

The software is designed to combine the WAN automation and management for multi-vendor physical network resources that's in Cyan Inc. 's Blue Planet software with virtual resources such as cloud services and virtual network functions.

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Cyan Makes Its Play to Integrate Cloud, WAN, and NFV

Rob Powell, Telecom Ramblings, June 17, 2014

In a challenge to the established order, Cyan has introduced what it bills as the first orchestration application spanning WAN, cloud, and NFV. Building on their Blue Planet platform, they hope to enable carrier customers to streamline new product development and management.

The idea is relatively simple in concept: leverage the growing capabilities of software defined networking to let carriers handle WAN service creation/automation on the same dashboard as the virtual resources the WAN in question will be connecting – virtualized firewalls and such on NFV side and computing instances on the data center side. The devil is in the details of course and we’re only just starting to see network functions virtualization turn into real products, which gives Cyan what it hopes is a pretty good head start.

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MBC Deploys Cyan SDN for Backhaul Rollout

Mitch Wagner, Light Reading, May 14, 2014

Mid Atlantic Broadband Communities Corp., a wholesale open-access network transport provider, is using Cyan technology to provision backhaul connections to a greater number of mobile cell sites at a reduced cost compared with its previous solution. Read More >

Mid-Atlantic Broadband taps Cyan to scale its Ethernet-based backhaul network

Sean Buckley, FierceTelecom, May 14, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC), an emerging middle mile provider, is responding to its wireless operator and business customers' desire for Ethernet-based services by leveraging Cyan's platforms for its regional metro network.

What drove MBC to Cyan was a need to overcome the various limitations with its existing regional TDM-based SONET transport network.

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At last! Elastic Networking to go with Compute and Storage

Ian Scales, TelecomTV, May 7, 2014

SDN is finally getting down to the serious business of planting itself in the network and taking control of services, and perhaps predictably, the early movers are more fleet-of-foot specialists, not big-scope and scale telcos. One early mover is Japanese carrier and data centre services player, KVH. Read More >

Cyan's Blue Planet Now in KVH's Orbit

Carol Wilson, Light Reading, May 6, 2014

Japanese network and data center operator KVH Co. is using Cyan's software-defined network platform and a combination of Cyan and Accedian Network metro network equipment to roll out new burstable, on-demand Ethernet services, beginning in early summer, the companies announced today. Read More >

KVH Chooses Cyan for Burstable Ethernet

Editor, Light Reading, May 6, 2014

KVH Co., Ltd., today announced that it will begin offering “etherXEN,” KVH’s new next-generation Ethernet service suite, starting in May 2014. The burstable feature option for etherXEN will become available in August 2014. The etherXEN service suite is delivered on a recently upgraded next-generation Carrier Ethernet Multi-Service Platform and is capable of supporting Software-Defined-Network (SDN) features such as on-demand provisioning and dynamic bandwidth allocation (“bursting”). This new platform expands KVH’s service coverage, which is based on much of its own optical fiber network, to include all areas in Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama, and Osaka and provides customers with diversity options from other major Japanese carriers. Read More >

Cyan: Sitting Between SDN and NFV

Editor, TelecomTV, April 8, 2014

Recep Ozdag, Director, SDN/NFV Solutions Marketing at Cyan says his company sits where SDN and NFV come together. Cyan provisions services with NFV and operationalises them with SDN. As regards open source and standards, Recep wonders whether standards are at all appropriate in this area but he sees two strong alternatives. The ETSI model with extensive use of Proofs of Concept (PoCs) is a good way to find out what works. The second approach is Open Source because it (eventually) becomes the standard and automatilcally defines the APIs that everyone gathers around. As such it doesn’t need a particular standards body. Read More >

Cyan Hires Video Game Developers for POW! BANG! ZOOM!

Mitch Wagner, Light Reading, March 27, 2014

Managing networks will never be as much fun as blowing the heads off zombies, but Cyan is looking to make it as visually interesting. The company has developers with backgrounds in gaming contributing to its network visualization software.

"We have five guys that we've been able to find over time that have a backgrounding in gaming directly involved in visualization," Cyan Inc. president Mike Hatfield tells Light Reading. "What happens is that the best of that technology is applied to a closed environment in telecom."

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Two Faces of Distributed NFV

Carol Wilson, Light Reading, March 13, 2014

In the era of virtualization, greater distinctions may develop between carriers and the services they offer as network operators adopt unique approaches to common service delivery concepts.

One example of how different priorities can influence deployments can already be seen in the instance of Distributed NFV, one of the proofs of concept being considered by the ETSI NFV Industry Specifications Group (ISG).

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Where is SDN today?

Editor, Converge! Network Digest, March 6, 2014

Cyan's Steve West answers... Read More >

MWC Offers Peek at NFV Projects

Carol Wilson, Light Reading, February 21, 2014

This year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will not only provide a view of how individual vendors are bringing network functions virtualization (NFV) to market, but also reveal a tempting glimpse of the multi-vendor efforts that are advancing the NFV cause. Read More >

Cyan to show NFV with Intel, Connectem at MWC

Editor, Telecompaper, February 20, 2014

Cyan announced that it will present an end-to-end vEPC (virtual evolved packet core) network functions virtualization (NFV) use case demonstration in collaboration with Intel, Red Hat and Connectem at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This carrier-sponsored, official ETSI proof of concept demo will show the instantiation of a virtual EPC through an NFV orchestrator. Read More >

Cyan Boosts its Packet-Optical for Scale and Network Programmability

Editor, Converge! Network Digest, February 15, 2014

Cyan is rolling out a number of major enhancements aimed at delivering scalablity and further network programabbility to both its Z-Series Packet-Optical hardware and Blue Planet SDN Platform.

Upgrades for the Cyan Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platform (P-OTP) include the following modules:

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Cyan's Packet-Optical, SDN Advancements Provide 'Flexibility'

Craig Galbraith, Billing & OSS World, February 14, 2014

Cyan has enhanced its Z-Series Packet-Optical hardware and Blue Planet SDN platform, which together are designed to deliver a simplified end-to-end architecture with superior performance and improved economics for operators transforming their networks.

Cyan says the new release of its Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platform (P-OTP) helps operators simplify the transition to 100G and 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) in metro networks by significantly improving optical capacity, as well as by delivering more scalable packet aggregation and transport capabilities.

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Cyan Packet-Optical Enhancements and SDN Programmability

John Rath, Data Center Knowledge, February 13, 2014

Looking to usher in a new era for carrier network transformation and empower 100 Gigabit Ethernet transitions, Cyan (CYNI) announced major enhancements to both the Cyan Z-Series Packet-Optical hardware and Blue Planet SDN Platform. Cyan’s packet-optical transport platforms, coupled with its Blue Planet SDN and NFV orchestration platform built for network operators have delivered a simplified end-to-end architecture. Cyan is launching enhancements to the Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platform (P-OTP) and adding service automation features and an open API to the Blue Planet platform. Read More >

Cyan Updates Z-Series Packet-Optical Systems, Blue Planet SDN Platform

Stephen Hardy, Lightwave, February 13, 2014

Optical transport systems and software-defined networking (SDN) platform vendor Cyan (NYSE: CYNI) has unveiled upgrades to both ends of its product portfolio. The hardware and software enhancements strengthen the company’s play in Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) Carrier Ethernet 2.0 environments as well as in 100-Gbps metro applications.

On the hardware end, Cyan has announced three new metro-focused modules for its Z-Series packet-optical transport platforms. All three are compatible with the three members of the Z-Series family and will be generally available by the end of this quarter.

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Cyan Announces Solution Upgrades

Sophie Donoghue, Capacity Magazine, February 12, 2014

US vendor Cyan is upgrading two of its solutions, expected to be available at the end of this year's first quarter.

In an effort to keep up with the market, which is rapidly heading towards 100G, Cyan is enhancing its Z-series packet-optical system and Blue Planet SDN platform.

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Cyan Starts Dabbling in Northbound APIs

Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral, February 12, 2014

Cyan is introducing a northbound interface that sets up the Blue Planet software-defined networking (SDN) platform to provision standard Ethernet services.

The API, introduced Wednesday, works within the parameters of the Metro Ethernet Forum’s (MEF’s) Carrier Ethernet 2.0, an agreed-upon set of definitions for Ethernet services on carrier networks.

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Cyan Packs One-Two Product Upgrade Punch

Carol Wilson, Light Reading, February 12, 2014

On the heels of 2013 earnings results that sagged with a drop in Windstream business, Cyan launched a one-two punch in new products that it hopes signal a brighter future, with upgrades to both its Blue Planet software-defined networking (SDN) platform and its metro packet-optical transport gear (See Cyan Upgrades SDN, Packet-Optical Products and Cyan Reports 2013 Results.) Read More >

Cyan Introduces 100gbE Support, CE2.0 API to Its Packet-optical SDN Solutions

Paula Bernier, SDNZone, February 12, 2014

Cyan today announced it has come out with the first SDN-enabled packet-optical transport solution supporting 100 gigabit Ethernet, and that its Blue Planet SDN & NFV orchestration platform now has a northbound interface for carrier Ethernet 2.0 services. Read More >

FVC launches Cyan SDN, Packet-Optical Solutions

Manda Banda,, January 29, 2014

Dubai-based FVC, a value-added distributor (VAD) in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), has announced the launch of Cyan software-defined networking (SDN) and packet-optical solutions for enterprise networks in the Middle East. Read More >

SDN and NFV Technology Trends to Watch in 2014

Matthew Palmer, SDNCentral, January 6, 2014

While that killer use case for makes software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) remains as elusive as the Alaskan blue crab, three important use cases are making progress into customer networks.

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