Blue Planet SDN Platform Overview

The Transformation of Your Network Starts with Software

The communications industry has entered an exciting new era with the emergence of SDN and NFV. These technologies allow network operators to break free from expensive, vertically integrated legacy network architectures and deliver the multi-vendor software control, service automation and orchestration that operators have been demanding for years.

Prior to the launch of Blue Planet, most SDN innovation occurred inside the data center. Cyan Blue Planet is the first carrier-grade SDN and NFV orchestration platform built specifically for network operators and the WAN. Blue Planet has been implemented in 120 production networks worldwide since its introduction in November 2012, which includes deployments with top-tier global carriers, regional service providers, data center operators, content providers, cable operators, and more.

Cyan’s Blue Planet SDN Platform was designed, from the start, to disaggregate software from hardware so that network management, service orchestration, and control are handled by the software. And while network hardware must still be scalable and deliver the high-performance required by today’s demanding applications, it also must be agnostic to the software that controls its function. By reducing dependency on proprietary hardware, SDN and NFV also reduce Capex by allowing a transition to lower-cost COTS-based networking equipment.

Cyan's focus on building a best-in-class SDN and NFV orchestration platform for network operators has resulted in awards and recognition across the industry. In the last six months, the platform has received six awards. Most recently, Blue Planet was recognized as “SDN Technology of the Year” at the Informa Network Virtualization and SDN World Conference, and also won this year’s NetEvents Cloud Innovation Award as the “Best NFV Solution for Carriers.”


  • Carrier-grade, multi-vendor SDN and NFV orchestration platform built specifically for network operators
  • Includes a family of applications for simplifying end-to-end service deployment and virtual resource orchestration across telco data centers and the WAN
  • Centralizes control and management of physical network elements and virtual SDN/NFV-based service resources
  • Improves service flexibility and service velocity while reducing network complexity
  • Proven solution deployed with network operators worldwide
  • Lower OpEx and CapEx - use existing network assets more efficiently and reduce dependency on proprietary hardware
  • Programmable architecture supports open northbound and southbound APIs to enable integration with existing systems, and accelerate service and application development

A Family of Applications

Blue Planet includes a family of applications: Planet Orchestrate, Planet Operate, Planet View, Planet Inventory and Planet Design. The Blue Planet applications are designed to simplify end-to-end service deployment and orchestration of both physical and virtual resources across different network domains in multi-vendor environments.

Orchestration and Visualization

By centralizing control and management of traditional network elements and virtualized SDN/NFV-based components , Blue Planet lowers costs and simplifies network operations. This approach allows network operators to develop and orchestrate new services more efficiently across telco data centers and the multi-vendor WAN. Blue Planet’s intuitive visualization of network layers, connections and network elements provides unprecedented insight into the relationships between different service resources. This reduces service configuration times, and increases provisioning accuracy for operators while enabling faster root-cause analysis and fault correlation in the event of an unexpected service interruption.

Open Architecture

The Blue Planet architecture incorporates flexible open northbound application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as open southbound interfaces to enable interaction and integration with 3rd party software systems and network elements. Blue Planet abstracts the network, hiding the complexity of different technology domains, technology layers, and multi-vendors’ equipment to transform the network into a programmable, easy-to-use resource.

Northbound APIs allow customers and partners to develop their own applications, and integrate them with existing OSSs and other critical software systems. Blue Planet supports a suite of SDN-enabling, northbound APIs for service management and orchestration. This includes the Carrier Ethernet Services 2.0 API to automate provisioning and activation of Ethernet services across multi-vendor networks, thus reducing service turn-up times from weeks, or even months, to minutes.

Southbound Interfaces and “Element Adapters” enable Blue Planet to communicate with a wide array of multi-vendor network elements. This innovative approach enables Blue Planet to interact with newer SDN-enabled equipment and legacy network elements using a variety of protocols and interfaces including CLI, TL1, NETCONF/YANG, and others. Today, Blue Planet supports nearly fifty 3rd party devices from 15 different vendors.

Software Makes the Difference

The combination of Blue Planet and the Cyan Z-Series P-OTPs enables a fully software-defined, open, and virtualized network that gives network operators the flexibility to select best-in-class, multi-vendor solutions across a wide range of applications.

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