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Bring visibility, scale, and simplicity to app delivery and data center interconnection.

Optimize Efficiency and Offer New Services

When your business is selling rack space, power, carrier interconnections, and cloud services, efficiency and scale are critical to profitability. Visibility into WAN connections and traffic paths enable you to optimize link efficiency, ensure Service Level Agreement compliance, and better monetize your services. At the same time, the ability to simplify network management with better visibility and a simpler architecture enables you to free your team to help customers with their needs.

Cyan SDN software and packet-optical solutions are optimized for helping you improve network efficiency and performance for delivering cloud and other services to customers. The Cyan Blue Planet Platform enables greatly simplified orchestration across multi-vendor, multi-layer network infrastructures. Cyan Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platforms simplify and scale the network in less space, with less power and lower costs.

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What Makes Cyan Different

Open and Automated Software-Defined Networks

No two networks operate in the same way or have the same devices across a footprint. As a result, the ability to support northbound apps or functions and southbound third-party devices is important for end-to-end management and service automation and orchestration. Cyan’s Blue Planet SDN platform is an open carrier-grade SDN platform specifically designed to manage, orchestrate, design, provision, and automate services across a multi-vendor infrastructure.

Cyan has deployed its Blue Planet SDN Platform more than 100 networks controlling or accessing more than 50 third party devices from 25 different vendors.
Learn more about Blue Planet.

Transport SDN from the Enterprise to Data Center

Most SDN use cases discussed in the enterprise space today focus on intra-data center applications. But metro and wide area networks are static compared to the elastic compute and virtualized data center resources to which they are connected. Cyan is working with content providers, data center operators, and service providers to deliver the software control and flexibility required to dynamically spin up data center virtual machines (VMs), along with virtualized network resources, via standard APIs or a web portal. This capability, which leverages OpenFlow, allows enterprises to more confidently align cloud and data center resources to network resources, a critical requirement in the content distribution market.
Read the use case.

Superior Ethernet and Optical Performance

Data Center Operators require flexibility and scale to handle the myriad applications being driven over them. The Cyan Z-Series P-OTPs provide industry-leading optical and Ethernet performance and scale with up to 2.8 Tbps of non-blocking packet switch capacity per node. Z-Series packet solutions provide lower latency and full line-rate switching across all ports concurrently, at a fraction of the price of lower performing routers. Learn more about Z-Series.


Cyan’s single-slot 100G coherent transponder for the Z-Series sets an industry benchmark for density and flexibility by delivering 100G in a single slot module supporting the full range of optical reach capabilities. This flexibility is the result of integrated support for short, medium, long, and extended reach C form-factor pluggable (CFP) client interfaces. Unlike competitive solutions, this means service providers and data center operators are assured that a single slot will satisfy all optical reach requirements. Learn more about Z-Series.

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