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Bring hyperscale and software programmability to data center interconnect networks.

Massive Scale and Optimized Efficiency

Large cloud and content providers and data center operators are building bigger, faster, lower-cost data centers to keep pace with rapidly increasing demand. These massive data centers commonly take advantage of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and open software innovations to reduce costs, eliminate vendor lock-in, and enable hyperscale efficiency. While the compute and LAN switching infrastructure within the data center benefit from this approach today, the optical networks interconnecting these data centers are typically built using proprietary, vertically-integrated transport platforms that are expensive, inflexible, and lack the required scalability.

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What Makes Cyan Different

Hyperscale Data Center Interconnect

Cyan’s N-Series N11 provides a fundamentally new model for scaling data center interconnect (DCI) networks to significantly reduce the cost of high-capacity optical transport.

The N11 leverages best-in-breed COTS components to provide a space and power-efficient modular 1RU shelf that offers industry-leading 100G port density with upgradeability to higher densities and additional functionality in the future. Beyond the scalable hardware design, the N-Series implements Cyan Linux, an open and SDN-enabled network operating system that enables a server-like operational experience and programmatic control of DCI network resources.

Open and Automated Linux Software

Cyan Linux, the network OS for the N-Series, allows the N-Series to be managed with the same large scale, configuration automation tools that cloud and Internet content providers are already using to manage their server, switching and storage infrastructure. For the data center operator, having a common experience for managing both compute and infrastructure streamlines operations and accelerates service provisioning.

ONIE, the Open Compute Project’s (OCPs) Open Network Install Environment, disaggregates the software from the hardware. In the short term, ONIE simplifies software maintenance automating the process of keeping N-Series devices running current software. In the long term, ONIE enables flexibility by allowing end-users to choose the network OS as part of data center provisioning.

A Range of DCI Solutions

Cyan provides a range of interconnect solutions for data center operators of all types. The new N-Series OHTP offers an ultra-compact (1RU) platform that delivers industry-leading 100G client port densities, power- and space-efficiency for scaling DCI capacity simply and efficiently. As a versatile and complementary packet-optical solution, the Z-Series integrates any combination of DWDM, multi-degree ROADM and carrier Ethernet functionality to enable scaling from 10G to 100G and multi-layer transport where required. Cyan’s Blue Planet SDN platform provides a family of open, carrier-grade software applications designed to simplify end-to-end service deployment and orchestration across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks. The best-in-class combination of Blue Planet, the N-Series and the Z-Series enables a fully software-defined, open, and virtualized network that ensures high application performance, reliability, visibility and control.

Cyan delivers scalable and programmable optical connectivity
between data centers with open APIs for SDN-based control.

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