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Cyan support personnel leverage the power of Blue Planet SDN Platform to deliver turnkey NOC outsourcing.

World-Class Network Operations Center

Utilized by many of Cyan’s customers today as either a primary or backup NOC, CyNOC is Cyan’s world-class network operations center. CyNOC services are available in multiple tiers of offerings, which range from augmenting and supporting existing service provider NOC organizations with a predefined scope of services and support, to providing fully customized turnkey NOC services. Augmenting existing operations personnel with highly trained and experienced packet-optical transport NOC experts is a great way to rapidly achieve the full operational benefits of Cyan’s Z-Series Packet-Optical Transport Platforms (P-OTPs), while minimizing the learning curve for your personnel.

Specific CyNOC options include:

  • CyNOC-S

    With CyNOC-S (Cyan’s standard supplemental level of service), experienced and trained NOC engineers proactively monitor Cyan-powered networks, often identifying potential issues before revenue generating services are impacted. When problems do occur, CyNOC engineers are available 24/7/365 to quickly isolate problems and facilitate resolution, maximizing uptime and performance of critical service level agreement (SLA) services. CyNOC engineers conduct weekly backups of all Cyan network elements and Planet Operate to minimize restoration efforts should they be required. CyNOC engineers also assist and/or facilitate CyUpdate software upgrades for Z-Series and Blue Planet. The bottom line is a lower-cost, more efficient, higher-performing network, with more satisfied customers and, ultimately, higher-margin revenues.

  • CyNOC-E

    Enhanced NOC services are available to accommodate the unique needs of individual service providers. CyNOC-E adds support for advanced services, such as modeling “what-if” scenarios for new services, provisioning new circuits, advanced network planning and maintenance activities to further optimize network performance, enhanced reporting, and even alarm monitoring of select CyAlliance partner products providing end-to-end SLA reporting and management.

  • CyNOC-P

    Premium NOC services include network monitoring of more diverse third-party network elements, and ultimately problem identification and resolution of more complex multi-vendor network solutions. CyNOC-P is highly customizable to meet the diverse and unique needs of service providers globally, up to and including full turnkey network operations of multi-vendor networks.

Carrier-Class NOC Availability

CyNOC facilitates carrier-class network management for Cyan’s global service provider customers. Utilizing redundant Internet feeds from diverse carriers, multiple storage backup locations, a redundant NOC infrastructure, and elastic cloud computing technology, Cyan has planned for contingencies to provide uninterrupted monitoring capabilities of networks globally. A direct, uninterrupted connection between the Planet Operate server and CyNOC must be maintained to reliably provide this service.

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